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Minimum Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications (these are also listed on the website)

  • Minimum Technical Requirements (i.e., you must at least have):
  • Bandwidth: 1 Mbps (broadband connection)
  • Required Browser Plugins: Flash Player 10

System Recommendations (i.e., we recommend you have):

  • Bandwidth: 2 Mbps (broadband connection)
  • Browser: Google Chrome Version 55 or Higher
  • Processor Speed: at least Pentium 4, 2.33 GHz
  • Memory: 1024MB (for Windows), 2GB (for Mac OS)
  • Operating System: any operating system or platform that supports the above requirements (i.e. Windows, Mac OS, or Linux)

Request for Special Needs

Accommodations for special needs can be made by directly calling the AACC member services at (800) 526-8673.

Other Notes:

  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in your web browser
  • For a quality viewing experience, our webinar will utilize 512 Kbps of your bandwidth for the length of our broadcast.
  • Unfortunately we cannot provide individual technical support for users. Additionally, we are not able to provide support regarding the performance of their machine or network connection.